2014 • 169 minutes AdventureDramaSci-fi Canada, United States, United Kingdom
U/A 13+

Movie. With humanity teetering on the brink of extinction, a group of astronauts travels through a wormhole in search of another inhabitable planet.

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Available on Netflix in India

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Flag: India Netflix India Available since: February 10, 2024 Audio: English [Original], Hindi Subtitles: English, Hindi Not available in your region? Unblock international Netflix and watch this title now »

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  • Canada Netflix Canada Available since: February 12, 2024 Audio: English [Original], English - Audio Description, French Subtitles: English, French


Is Interstellar on Netflix India?

Yes, Interstellar is available to stream on Netflix India. It was added to the streaming service on February 10, 2024.

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Age Rating

'Interstellar' is rated U/A 13+, meaning it is suitable for viewers aged 13 and over under parental guidance. The content might include moderate violence, brief strong language, or themes that need a more mature understanding, making it appropriate for teenagers with parental oversight.

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